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MICHTER'S US*1 Single Barrel Rye ~ USA




92/100 Whisky Advocate
86/100 Distiller Score

Christopher Null - Drinkhacker "It’s a whiskey with lots of elements, facets, and complexity, moving from savory to sweet and back again. It’s a spirit that has a story to tell — and I recommend you hear it at least once."

Jeffery Lindenmuth - Whisky Advocate "Complex and complete, the sweet and chewy aromas of maple syrup and crème de marrons meet milk chocolate and Andes Mints. On the palate, the intense layered sweetness of vanilla, crème brûlée, pecan pie, butterscotch, and honey is tempered by chili spice and deep earthy notes of leather and tobacco, before toffee and baking spices carry into the long finish."

A straight rye whiskey from the Michter's Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky. Every bottle of their excellent rye comes from a single barrel, highlighting the quality of their craft. A top choice for cocktails - we're particularly interested in making a Sazerac with some of this!

Nose - Very aromatic and fresh. Almost minty, with a lovely savoury edge, then measured spiciness comes through.

Palate - Incredibly smooth mouthfeel for rye, this is clean and balanced, then the caraway and fennel seed kicks in.

Finish - Appealingly dry spiciness – impressive stuff.

Named after one of, if not the oldest distillery in the United States, Michter's offer a range of excellent American whiskeys. From the refill-cask-aged unblended American whiskey to the 25-year-old bourbon, there's something for everyone, with young and old bourbon and rye, as well as whiskeys which focus on the casks used for maturation.