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93/100 Whisky Base

Lauder's Port Edition is the second expression from the Lauder’s Art of Blending series. The whisky has a slightly reddish hue as a result of its time maturing in seasoned Ruby Port casks, carefully selected by our master blender. The individual malt and grain whiskies which make up the blend are initially aged in charred bourbon casks. These are combined to form the blend and returned to Port Ruby casks for further maturation.

The resulting whisky combines the recognizable Lauder’s traditional sweetness and smoothness with a long finish incorporating fruity red wine hints from the port casks.

Nose - Very lively and aromatic. The typical Port Ellen peat is very delicate and remains in the background, thus allowing all kinds of fruit to shine. A complex fruit bomb on sultanas and mango, honey, tiger balm, melon, lime and mint. Surprisingly minty, in fact, making it seem much younger – which is to be seen as a compliment in this case.

Mouth - Powerful but very elegant at the same time. The peat smoke is now much more prominent and offers quite a bit of silt and smoke, while the fruit chooses lime as its leader. Midpalate it again becomes quite tropical and even a bit candy-like with coconut and Turkish Delight. But so very lively!

Finish - Deliciously long and represents a large part of the experience of this malt. It starts with sweet smoke and ends with a perfect little bitterness as if from a grape pith.

Lauder’s Scotch whisky first appeared in 1834 in Glasgow, Scotland. The original blend was developed by Archibald Lauder, and it was awarded with several gold medals in international competitions - you can see these on the label. Lauder’s is a blend of Highland, Lowland, and Speyside malts, and the historic whisky has changed very little since its first expression in 1834. Lauder’s has been in continuous production since 1836, making it one of the oldest brands of Scotch whisky still in distribution.