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92/100 Whisky Base
88/100 The Whisky Saga
87/100 Whisky Advocate

A lovely blended whisky from Japan, created by Ichiro Akuto, the Japanese whisky extraordinaire. This particular gem is made with both malt and grain whisky from Japan as well as some whisky from other countries too - the label describes it as "a worldwide blended whisky".

Aaron Knapp - The Whisky Wash "Ichiro’s Malt and Grain does everything I want and rarely find in a whisky: it’s on the sweeter side but in a way that’s not overpowering – allowing for a range of earthy and spicy flavors – while taking the drinker on a journey between distinct yet subtle waves of flavors."

Susannah Skiver Barton - Whisky Advocate "Delicate aromas of chamomile, marigolds, gardenias, peaches, apples, and vanilla undergirded by biscuity cereal notes transition seamlessly to an elegant palate of vanilla, green apples, malted milk balls, and fresh herbs. The finish has gentle spice that fades into warm chocolate with continuing creamy grain. A blend of Japanese and other whiskies that responds well to water."

Barry Bradford - The Whiskyphiles "Gentle and interesting, this has a trio of spicy, floral and sweet flavours that roll around the mouth."

Thomas - The Whisky Saga "This is a very impressive blend."

Nose - Peach and dried apricot, sweet butterscotch, vanilla cream, citrus zest, synthetic bananas and gooey malt.

Palate - Toffee first and foremost, with notes of barley malt, gingerbread, tropical fruits, honeyed pipe tobacco lveas, black pepper, roasted chestnut and freshly cut hay.

Finish - Medium length with vanilla and dried tropical fruit.

Ichiro Akuto is arguably the king of independent Japanese distillers, despite working out of an exceptionally modest premise with just two small pot stills in Chichibu, a town 100 km northwest of Tokyo. Despite this, Akuto’s single malts have consistently won rave reviews and achieved significant milestones, for example, in 2015 he sold a bottle of 1960 Karuizawa single malt for $118,500 at an auction in Hong Kong, a record for a Japanese whisky.