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91/100 The Dramble
82/100 Whisky Base

A rather handsome blended malt Scotch whisky, combining four Highland single malts, each matured in well-charred casks. Well suited to enjoying neat, but does indeed pair well with your favourite mixer.

Matt - The Dramble "Excellent straight out of the bottle – and exceptional once given the patience of proper resting. It shines brightly with vivid fruitiness and deep, but balanced oak integration – signs of both great distillate and of a great cask."

Nose - Waves upon waves of coastal smoke. A light hint of barley brings sweetness.

Mouth - Peat smoke is at this one's core, surrounded by cinnamon and black pepper.

Finish - Herbaceous and refreshing.

The name BLACK is taken from the charring process each barrel undergoes that blackens the timbers. The inside surfaces of barrels are exposed to flames as part of the barrel-making process. This charring enhances the flavour and colour of the spirit aged in the barrel. TARTAN Scotland is rightly famous for the rich and colourful tartans that we produce and the same sort of skill and dedication that goes into weaving strands of wool together also goes into the weaving of malts to create their blends.




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