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TEELING Small Batch -  Ireland
TEELING Small Batch - Ireland


TEELING Small Batch - Ireland


89/100 Distiller
89/100 Whisky Advocate
83/100 The Whisky Philes

Master: Irish Blended Premium 2020 - The Irish Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)
Double Gold: Blended Irish Whiskey 2019 - San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Master: Irish Blended Premium 2017 - The Irish Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)
Gold: Irish Blended Premium 2014 - The Irish Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)
Silver: Irish Whiskey 2014 - Wizards of Whisky Awards
Gold: Irish Blended Standard 2013 - The Irish Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)
Silver: Irish Blended Premium 2019 - The Irish Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)
Bronze: Irish Blended Whisky No Age Statement 2014 - World Whiskies Awards
Silver Outstanding: Irish Whiskey Blended 2014 - International Wine & Spirit Competition
Silver: Irish Whiskey Blended 2013 - International Wine & Spirit Competition

The flagship expression from Dublin's Teeling, the Small Batch Irish whiskey is made with a blend of malt and grain whiskeys, initially aged in ex-Bourbon barrels.

Master of Malt "A deliciously creamy, spicy and rich Irish blend."

Barry Bradford - The Whisky Philes "Creamy and well balanced a very nice blend that hasn’t been over-sweetened by Rum cask finishing."

Stephanie Moreno - Distiller "The nose is aromatic and filled with creamed corn, honey, and gentle, ever so slight, notes of banana cream and coconut flakes. Moving on to the taste profile, the tropical notes fall by the wayside and presents a creamy and slightly slick whiskey with barrel spices, lemon, and more honey. The proof helps to wrap up the dram in a tidy bow and you are left with a pleasantly warm finish."

Dominic Roskrow - Whisky Advocate "The first conventional release from this fledgling company. Irish whiskey's equivalent to a seemingly frothy sweet pop song, which on closer inspection has barbed and cutting lyrics. It's a sweet Irish blend and seems like it. But it has a high malt content, is packed with flavour, and easily justifies its price. It's creamy and rich with toffee notes, there are some tropical fruit and delicious rum-and-raisin milk chocolate. Not too cloying despite the sweetness, either."

Nose - Cut grass and orange blossom. Allspice, hints of vanilla, apple pie and blackberries.

Palate - Spiced, rich palate with rose petal jelly and lemon curd. Creamy vanilla, hints of dried herbs and cinnamon.

Finish - Floral, herbal finish. Caramel on the tail.

While the Teeling Distillery of today was officially opened in 2015, the brand’s history in Irish whiskey actually stretches back to 1782, when a chap called Walter Teeling set up a distillery in the Liberties area of Dublin. Fast-forward to the present and the Teelings are again at the forefront of Irish distilling.