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Underrated Whiskies from Around The World

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Despite the popularity of Scotch, it is not the only whisky out there. Time and time again the world’s best selling Scotches come up against real competitors.



Not a lot of people know about the vast and burgeoning affair India has with whisky. Not only is it one of the biggest consumers of whisky, but also a massive producer of its own variations. While some of those may not make the mark (check out of molasses based whisky to discover why!) but Amrut Fusion is one of the best. Winning Jim Murray’s Third Finest Whisky of 2010, Amrut Fusion is packed full of flavour. Beginning with creamy spices and subtly moving into a bitter dark chocolate and coffee punch, Amrut Fusion is everything you look for in a good malt. It ties together the spices and sweetness with a lasting finish that you are not going to forget in a hurry.


Another offering from America to make the Underrated list, Jefferson Reserve is an expressive bourbon with a high proof. Unlike Wild Turkey 101, the body of Jefferson Reserve is not a full, but serves a fantastic dram. The nose holds a deep spiciness that is set off against a vanilla sweetness. On the palette it is soft and light, with only hints of tobacco. These pique the interest of deeper saccharine notes that are rounded off in a good, long finish with the return of those spices and a splash of toffee.


Coming from the only whisky distillery in Taiwan is Kavalan Single Malt. Winning Gold at the 2011 International Wine and Spirits Competition, Kavalan is not a malt to be taken lightly. It boasts big floral notes that move and intertwine with a vanilla sweetness. The tropical fruits coming through only serve to transport the drinker back to rich forests Kavalan is born from.


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