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88/100 Whiskey Base
85/100 Whisky Fun

Whiskyfun "I think these ‘licensed’ bottlings by G&M should never be overlooked, not only because they’re usually very fairly priced. Colour: gold. Nose: ah yes, triple yes! Wonderful floral and honeyed nose, a tad light but perfect as far as balance is concerned. I can’t help thinking of some official Glenrothes here. So honey, a little vanilla, roses, malt, whiffs of ‘old books in the basement’, liquorice wood… Very nice. Mouth: impeccable profile and good body, feeling more like 46 rather than 43%. Café latte, honey pie (you are making me crazy), black tea and just drops of mint liqueur. Finish: medium long, maltier and just a tad drier, sourer and leafier. Maybe the weak spot. Comments: goody good malt whisky, only the finish didn’t quite convince me."

NOSE: Cinnamon rolls, nutmeg, Sesame Snaps, treacle and cherry.

PALATE: Chewy raisins and dates, mixed with stem ginger, chocolate sauce and grassy malt. Still packing a lot of cinnamon warmth.

FINISH: Oily walnut and sawdust.

The Linkwood distillery sits in Elgin, drawing its water from the springs of Millbuies Loch. Next to the distillery is a large and rather beautiful reservoir which plays host to a variety of local wildlife including ducks and swans, the latter can be seen gracing the label of the twelve year-old bottling. Linkwood is home to two stillhouses, Linkwood A, which is currently not in use, houses the two original stills and Linkwood B, in which a further four stills operate.

The distillery has a capacity of 2.24 million litres per annum and the majority of the whisky produced is used for blending, notably in Johnnie Walker. Thanks to Diageo there have been, of late, several single malt whiskies released from Linkwood. In 2008, three twenty-six year-olds were launched, notable for their 50cl bottles and having spent the last fourteen years of their maturation in either rum, red wine or port casks.

The Linkwood distillery was founded in 1821 by Peter Brown and rebuilt fifty-one years later following William Brown’s inheritance of the distillery in 1868. Linkwood is currently under Diageo ownership following Scottish Malt Distillers takeover in 1933 and their subsequent amalgamation to form the drinks giant.