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Cameronbridge 26Year Old Single Cask Grain Whisky 1991 ~ Highlands, Scotland

Cameronbridge 26Year Old Single Cask Grain Whisky 1991 ~ Highlands, Scotland


83/100 Mark Dermul, Connosr
83/100 Whisky Base

Whisky Intelligence “Among the more intriguing and irresistible single grains we’ve encountered … we’ve had plenty of great old grain, but never has one been so good and cost so little.” 

Nose - Honeyed cereal, fresh cream, salted caramel and hints of new leather.
Palate - Sponge cake, lemon drizzle cake and fruitcake, too. So, yeah. It's wonderfully cake-y.
Finish - A touch of lemon and caramel sticks around on the finish.

Old Particular is a particularly unique series of individually hand-selected, aged Single Cask Single Malts and Single Grains from all over Scotland. Each is bottled exactly the way the Distiller intended: without colouring or chill-filtration, and at high alcohol strength. This combination allows the cask to retain the naturally present oils, fats and enzymes in the spirit that enhance the quality of the nose, the mouthfeel and flavour profile of the Whisky. Keeping the spirit “as natural as it gets” allows you to experience the Whisky straight from the cask, transporting you to a dark, damp Distillery warehouse with every sip.

Cameronbridge Distillery sits on the banks of the River Leven, about 15 miles north of Edinburgh. The river winds its way through the distillery grounds. It is arguably the oldest continually operating distillery in Scotland, and could be the oldest grain distillery in the world.
Robert Haig operated a still (under the radar) on the site at least as far back as 1655. In 1824, one of his great grandchildren -- John Haig -- formally built and opened Cameron Bridge Distillery there.